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Hey dolls n gents! Welcome to my digital world. I’m Alisha Ricki and I began vlogging on YouTube in 2010, and created my style blog in 2011! Over the years, life’s happenings always seemed to get in the way; but it’s funny how we always find our way back to the things we love. Fortunately, the unwavering love and support of my viewers/readers motivated me to wholeheartedly return to the digital sphere in 2015.

ALISHARICKI.COM was created to inspire millennials by sharing my passion for style, beauty, travel, and life experiences! I’ll make sure to have tons of pictures for your viewing pleasure, and maybe even videos! This time around, I plan to be here for the long haul; and I’d love for you to join me on this unpredictable journey. Be sure to stay in the know, by signing up for my newsletter. Thank you so much for visiting![/su_animate]

I’ve worked with some  phenomenal  brands !

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